Who we are

WEBSITE MAKER (PTY) LTD is a Digital Agency built to help other Businesses achieve their success through carving out and expanding their Digital Footprint.
We leverage our Web development expertise and Business experience to ensure
your Customers get the Best Experience you can offer them, while showcasing how amazing and unique your Business is.


Our Story

Entrepreneurs. Every business was once an idea fueled with a passion to succeed.
Late nights, shoestring budgets. Hustling. Make-shift tools to get the job done. Failure.
And a glimmer of hope. 

Our story is no different:

Humble. Beginnings.

We started our Entrepreneurial journey as a Photography business.

Camera? Check.
Experience? Check (sort of).
Budget? Uh.. Let’s see what coins we can find in the couch.
Website? Nope. Maybe we should google that? So we looked, and searched, and enquired. And everything was too expensive, too much work, too much coding.

Wix, Squarespace, other Website designers..
Nothing worked out:
Too expensive, too slow 🙁

We took a leap of faith to build our first photography website using WordPress, a platform that powers 35% of all websites on the Internet. We watched Youtube tutorials, spoke to other professionals, suffered through trial and error, frustration, despair, hope. And slowly, a website emerged.

It wasn’t pretty, but you can be sure that we were proud of it.

That was in 2015.

Times have changed, skills have improved.
Our Photography business is thriving.

And since that time, we have met other Entrepreneurs who are struggling to carve out the (Digital) space they need to succeed.
And our hearts ache when we see great business opportunities suffer and sometimes close-down because they don’t have a (Professional) Website.


We had a dream and an idea, to use our skills and knowledge to craft Professional Websites for other Entrepreneurs. 
Our Heartbeat is to partner with you in your Business.

Not just to survive, but to thrive.

Because when you prosper, we prosper. Jobs are created, wealth is generated. And we get to create a brighter, hope-filled future. One digital footprint at a time.

Are you Ready to Level-up in your business?
Then Let’s connect:

Super Efficient

Quick turnaround times, from Initial enquiry, through to design and publishing.

Deeply Commited

Your business matters to you. And it matters to us.
We partner to help you succeed.

Highly Skilled

Don't take our word for it.
Let us build you a website prototype.
And you can confirm it for yourself.

Kevin Botes

Designer | Developer

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Janine Hartley

Client service

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