Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you build a website?

As a partnership with your business, we rely on getting the website content from you. It therefore depends on how fast we can get the info, as well as the duration of  getting feedback from you. We aim for a turnaround time of 10 working days.

How many Pages should my website have?​

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes:What would you like to see?

The number of pages are broadly linked to the size and services of your Business. 

When planning pages for a new site, ask yourself:

*Are you a Freelance vs Corporate vs Somewhere-in-between?
*Who is your ideal customer?
*Do you have sufficient capacity and/or resources to maintain your website?

Generally, an average website  would have:
*HOME PAGE:  (The first “Landing page” which the Customer sees.
*ABOUT US: Tell the story of your business, share a photo of you/your team, invite the customer in to know about your values.
*PRODUCTS/SERVICES: Showcase what you have on offer. You might also require a Shop/eCommerce area to sell your products
*CONTACT US: Help your customer get in touch with you. This would usually also include an enquiry form, as well as a Map (especially for local businesses)

Can I upgrade my website?

Our websites are created with WordPress, one of the most widely used Content Management Systems for the Internet. The websites we are build are cos-effective and powerful, allowing us to upgrade (relatively) quickly. We are constantly in a process of breaking new ground, providing better Premium plug-ins that will serve your business better, as you grow. 

What info should we include on our website?​

Websites should not be built to only cater for Search-engines (e.g. Google), but should rather focus on providing an amazing experience for your customer. This will then organically flow over to a better page-ranking on Search-engines.
Some items of information (not an exhaustive list) includes:
*Good quality content
*Clean websites with quick-loading
*Current info

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